Should I Buy an Inflatable Kayak?

Inflatable kayaks are the boat of the future. With new construction materials and more available models they offer advantages over traditional hard-shell versions. They are less difficult to use for the novice because they are easier to acquire skills and far more stable. They are much more durable due to advances in textile strength. These boat types are a bit less responsive, but if you spend a little more money, much of those problems become less significant.

The best inflatable kayaks have either a nylon or polyester fabric base with a protective coating. This makes the fabric airtight and damage resistant. Some of the more advanced coatings are made of Neoprene and PVC. The best way to go, is to purchase your boat from a top-quality manufacturer.

If you are a novice kayaker, strive to learn sufficiently from books before buying your own kayak. After you have spent enough time practicing on the water, you will be better equipped to make a decision on roughly which product is the right choice for you. When you acquire your kayaking skills and produce boldness in the sport, you will best be able to choose a boat to your precise watercraft requisites. Keep in mind that the optimum kayak is the one that is best suited to you. Prepare yourself for this choice by trying out as many kinds of crafts as you can.

As your proficiency and faith in yourself surge, so will your capacity to judge a kayaks’ performance and how it best suits you. Remember, the right decision is your choice.

Before you buy, think about the following.

What purpose will I be using the boat for? What type of water will I be using this kayak on? Will I paddle on slow-moving water like lakes or ponds? Am I going to paddle on faster moving bodies of water like whitewater rivers? Why do I even want to do this sport or activity? For recreation or exercise? Am I going to purchase a kayak for fishing or camping adventures? Will I need a one or two-person kayak?

Answer these questions honestly. These will be important for you to know when purchasing your boat.

Inflatable kayaks have evolved greatly over the last decade. All kinds of kayaking trips are now being done in this boat category, these kayaks are now giving their hard-shell cousins a run in performance. Many of these types of boat have become the choice for many. Different boats are better for running some serious whitewater on mountain rivers and others for flatwater. “Touring” models now track straighter and move quicker than those of the past. Whatever model you decide on, your inflatable kayak will pack nice and tight in a carry bag and store in your camper or just about anywhere, which is why thousands have made the move.

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