Some Qualities A Dog Needs To Be A Good Detection Dog

Detection dogs are dogs that are trained to find drugs, cadavers or bombs and other things as well. There are numerous qualities a dog must possess in order to be a good detection dog. This article will teach you what to look for in a dog you will be using for a variety of detection tasks.

A Trainable Attitude

One of the most important skills needed in order to succeed as a detection dog is a trainable attitude. The best canines are ones who are eager to learn and obey. To determine if your dog has a trainable attitude, start out by teaching him simple commands such as sit or stay. Does your canine quickly catch on and follow your commands? If so, he may be a good candidate.


Detection dogs do not give up until the task is complete. This type of drive is not teachable; instead, it is something that occur naturally in dogs. A dog who is eager to follow your commands, such as bring a ball back to you after it is thrown, is one that shows drive. There are many ways to determine if a dog has drive. One of the best ways is to continue throwing a ball after the animal is tired. Is he still willing to run after the ball or does he just lay down and look at you?

Good Scent Detection Skills

Certain dogs have better scent detection than other dogs. For example, hunting dogs, such as beagles, German Shepherds and Retrievers are often used in detection tasks. This is because they have an innate ability to track their prey for hours on end. You can help develop this skill, by playing hide and seek games with your dogs favorite toy.

The Ability to Focus and Stay on Task

In order to be a good detection candidate, your dog must not be easily distracted. To check to see if your dog has the ability to stay on task, throw a ball and tell him to go fetch. As soon as he start running, throw a stick or call out to him. A dog who has the ability to focus will continue running after the ball and bring it back to you.

There are many attributes that are needed to become a good detection dog. Use the tips listed above to help you determine if your dog has the skills. If it seems your dog does have what it takes to become a detection dog, use the techniques explained above to improve his tracking skills.

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