Spin Fishing For Trout With Streamers

Spin fishing for trout with streamers? This doesn’t seem like something that is possible does it? After all everyone knows that a streamer is an artificial fly and in order to use a streamer as bait you need to be a “fly fisherman” right? What I’m trying to tell you is that you actually don’t have to be a fly fisherman to fish with streamers and this type of artificial fly can actually be used while spin fishing.

In this article I will explain how to go about spin fishing for trout while using a streamer as bait. As a matter of fact I will outline a pair of techniques that can be employed by the average spin fisherman to use this very effective bait for trout. As a matter of fact many experienced trout fishermen claim that using streamers as bait while using spinning gear may actually be more effective than fishing for trout with streamers while using fly fishing gear.

A major key to both of these techniques is that a longer ultra light spinning rod than you might normally use is in order. You need a fishing rod that’s in the neighborhood of seven to eight feet long. This will not only give you added casting distance, but will also aide in keeping in contact with (or “feeling”) the streamer that’s tied to the end of your line. With that being said, let’s get down to business.

  1. The Bubble Technique – The bubble technique involves a piece of terminal tackle that is referred to as a casting bubble (sometimes called a fly fishing bubble). This small plastic sphere that looks much like a clear bobber has a plug running through the center of it that will allow water to enter the bubble itself when it is submerged beneath the water. When the plug it pushed in the opposite direction the water stops flowing, thus adding weight to the bubble which makes casting and retrieving a lightweight streamer much easier. There is no doubt that when spin fishing for trout with streamers the bubble technique is a “must know” for any spin fisherman who wants to use the extremely effective trout bait known as streamers.
  2. The Bullet Technique – The bullet technique involves using a bullet weight, just like the ones that bass fishermen use when making a Carolina rig. A bullet weight is slipped onto your line and a barrel swivel is then tied to the end of the line. A twelve to twenty four inch leader is now tied to the other side of the barrel swivel and your streamer is tied to the end of the leader. This rig can now be cast out and retrieved with a starting and stopping motion. The bullet technique is effective in both lake and river trout fishing scenarios. The size of the bullet weight will vary depending on water depth, current flow, etc. Experimentation will be necessary to determine the proper amount of weight for the particular situation that you are fishing in.

The bottom line is that if you fish for trout with traditional spin fishing gear, streamers can not only be used but can be used effectively and one or both aforementioned techniques should be added to your trout fishing repertoire sooner rather than later.

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