Spinner Fishing – Tips For Using Inline Spinners That Will Help You Catch More Fish

With the winter winding down it’s time to start thinking about getting out there and trying to catch some fish and one of the most popular fishing lures that can be used to catch fish is the spinner and in this article I will reveal some tips that will help anyone catch more fish when using this unique lure this season. When I refer to the term spinner fishing I’m of course referring to inline spinners and not spinner baits (which are often used when bass fishing).

Inline spinners are incredibly popular and effective fishing lures that will catch fish simply by casting them out and retrieving them. However, if you want to take your spinner fishing “to the next level” so to speak, you need to take the act of fishing with inline spinners a bit more seriously. The tips below will help you get to the “next level”.

The first mistake that I most often see when it comes to spinner fishing is that anglers use fishing line that’s way too heavy. Anytime that you are fishing with inline spinners you want to utilize fishing line that’s as light as possible. I prefer four or six pound test and eight pound test is as heavy as I will ever use while an inline spinner is being used as bait.

The next tip that needs to be employed when you are spinner fishing is to always use inline spinners from a quality manufacturer. Over the past 25 years I have found Mepps, Panther Martin, and Worden’s to all be quality manufacturers who produce high quality and very effective inline spinners. Trying to save a few bucks by purchasing spinners that are not “name brand” often means that you will be using a spinner that’s not as effective as it should be.

Finally, don’t be afraid to vary the way in which your spinner is retrieved when you are spinner fishing. Adding split shot sinkers to your line will make the lure run deeper and varying the speed of your retrieve is often a great idea as well. Also, try “snapping” your rod tip as you retrieve your spinner slowly. This “snapping” motion will mimic a wounded bait fish and often triggers a strike from a hungry fish. Keep these simple, yet effective, tips in mind the next time that you are spinner fishing with an inline spinner. If they are implemented you will catch more fish, I promise you.

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