Spinning Fly – Beginners Guide to Going Beyond the Egg Sinker Rig

It’s no secret that top performing trout fishermen do something that average fisherman just don’t do. They perform in ways that leave other fisherman wondering, “what’s his secret?” These are the fishermen that reel in trout, while bait fishermen on the bank are left scratching their heads.

The egg sinker rig is an incredible, but basic rig. This is why it is one of the first rigs you learn to tie as a beginning fisherman. But, if you are after trout and ready to increase your fishing performance, then you will need to branch out into flies. Don’t panic. This does not have to be an expensive propositon: a spinning fly rig will get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

Traditionally, getting into flies would cost hundreds, as you would have to furnish yourself with a new fishing rod, new reel, expensive fly fishing line and several other costly accessories. But, with the tcehnique I’m going to discuss here, none of that will be necessary (except for the flies of course).

First, you will need to go to your tackle store to do a little minor shopping for your new spinning fly set up. If you already have a good spinning rod and reel, this is your short shopping list:

– flies

– casting bubble

– swivel

– leader

That wasn’t too bad was it? This list constitutes the very essentials of a spinning fly set up. You could, of course, collect more spinning fly accessories, but this will get you started today.

I would wait to tie the rig together once you are on the water. That way transportation of your rod will be easier and you won’t experience the ugly hang ups that can occur when you try to take your whole spinning fly set up already rigged.

Once you get to your fishing destination. Sit down and get ready to tie your rig. Fortunately the spinning fly is easy to tie. If you know how to tie a clinch knot and you have the necessary tackle you are ready to tie. Simply thread the bubble on  the main line (what’s on the spool). Then attach a swivel to the main line, underneath the bubble. Finally secure a fly to the end of a length of leader and the leader onto the other end of the swivel.

Now, were almost done. Cast the rig sidearm and congratulate yourself because you are now fishing with flies! Welcome to the spinning fly fraternity.

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