Summer Walleye Fishing Tips

Summer Walleye fishing tactics are essential if you want to catch these fish in the warmer weather.

It’s well known that it can be tougher to catch these glorious fish during this time of year, so care needs to be taken to try different tactics from what worked during the Springtime if your normal walleye techniques aren’t bringing in the quantity or size of fish you desire.

The first tip to fishing for Walleye n the summer has to do with where you will find the fish. When the weather warms up, the Walleye move into deeper water where the temperatures are cooler. This means you must go farther away from the shore to find the Walleye. Underwater structures are a big favorite of these fish during the summer, because these also help lower the water temperature as well as create a great place for bait fish to hang out. Where the bait fish go, the Walleye will follow, and this is true no matter what season or month it is.

Find out what the main species of forage for Walleye is in the water you are fishing, and try to use bait that is close to this natural food source. Walleye can be slow and lazy, especially during the summer months, so make your bait an easy meal that the fish does not have to work for, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Some good rigs and bait to try during this time would be bottom bouncers in combination with a spinner-crawler rig. Crankbaits will work well if the Walleye are twenty feet or above. If the fish are deeper than this, it may be advisable to switch to a drop shot rig or just a bottom bouncer. Live bait, including minnows, worms, leeches, and night crawlers will work well at almost any depth. Jigging spoons and jigs will also usually get good results in the summer.

Because summer Walleye are usually located deeper than at other times of the year, some anglers use a line which has a lead core. This allows anglers to use any lure and still guarantee that it will go deep enough. There is a color coding for every ten yards of line, so it is simple to keep track of your fishing depth as well, simply by verifying the markings on the line. Weed beds can be a great fishing spot during the summer, and Walleye really like these spots because the weeds not only cool the water and block the sun but also provide more oxygen in the water. Weed beds also provide a great hiding spot for the bait fish, which attract the Walleye.

When days get warmer and the summer months arrive, you don’t have to give up on Walleye fishing until fall. Fishing for Walleye can be just as successful during the summer as it is during the spring, fall, and winter.

As always, have fun out there and stay safe.

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