Sunnect AP501 Review

One of the best electronic door locks I have seen is the Sunnect AP501. Packed with features, and built like a tank, this digital Sunnect AP501door lock provides the security every home needs, and also the convenience and ease of use to make getting into your home that much easier.

Whether it is the keyless entry for home, or the auto-locking feature, or one of the many others, I am sure the Sunnect AP501 fits your needs.

Keyless Entry for Home

One of the joys of having a new car is the keyless entry system. It’s very easy and convenient to just push a button and unlock the doors, getting in without fiddling with the keys or the lock. Wouldn’t that be great for you home too? Of course it is, and you can have that with the Sunnect AP501. Instead of a button on a key-chain, though, you have a keypad on the deadbolt door lock itself. Just enter in a key code that you program yourself, and your door unlocks, without the need to find the right key, and line it up right with the keyhole.

Another one of the benefits of the keypad lock are the large amount of codes you can program. With around 70 slots for codes, and 20 “digital” keys, you can guarantee access for everybody that needs to enter you home. And I must mention the Auto-Locking feature. After the door has been shut for 3 seconds, the deadbolt automatically engages. This means you never have to worry about locking your door again!

Tough Construction

The Sunnect AP501 is built with security in mind. The control board and other important mechanisms are on the inside of the door, preventing tampering from the outside. The metals used in the lock are of high quality and strength. In fact, one test put the Sunnect AP501 up against a.22 caliber and.40 caliber handgun, fired directly on the keypad and digital key tag reader areas. Amazingly, the lock still functioned, continuing to provide the safety and security after extreme abuse.

Sunnect AP501 Features and Specs

  • High quality
  • Tough construction
  • High security
  • Modern looks
  • Keyless entry
  • Key bump and lock-pick proof
  • Intruder Alarm
  • User friendly easy installation and programming
  • 3 Popular colors, Satin Nickle, Bright Bronze, and Aged Bronze
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, with 9v external terminal in case of power loss
  • Interior unit dimensions: 6-1/4″ x 4″ x 1-1/2″
  • Exterior unit dimensions: 5-3/4″ x 3″ x 1-1/8″

Sunnect AP501 Owner Reviews and Scores

The Sunnect AP501 could possibly be on the of the best products you get for you home; increasing safety and security, while also adding more convenience. On, it attains 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 63 customer reviews.

While these reviews are generally positive, there are a couple nit-picking comments, such as “Too many issues”, where the owner raises some concerns about the lock, but also goes on to say he is overall pleased with it. Another nit-picking review is “Bad Sensor: Your problem”, where the owner complains about a bad sensor, but doesn’t say what sensor or what the problem actually caused. Both of these situations seem isolated, and there are no other mentions of these in any other reviews.

On the positive side, there are lots and lots of positive reviews, with the majority being 5 stars. Some examples are “Awesome product, no better digital keypad on the market”, and “The Rolls Royce of deadbolts”, and even “Best Lock Money Can Buy, Seriously!”

Sunnect AP501: Conclusion

In summary, the Sunnect Ap501 is a digital deadbolt door lock, that comes packed with features of convenience and home safety. I would highly recommend this electronic door lock to anybody that is interested in replacing their old deadbolts, or to anybody that wants to replace their current electronic door lock with something better. Overall, the Sunnect AP501 will provide you with increased home safety and security, increase ease of use and convenience, and most importantly, peace of mind.

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