Sweet Salmon & Steelhead Fly Rod

Orvis Shooting Star 149-4

Want an excellent mid-priced range Steelhead and Salmon Rod take a look at all the features and benefits of the of the Shooting Star 149-4 from Orvis the renowned makers of quality fly rods.

The new Shooting Star Premium fly rods are some of the lightest made today and perhaps the lightest in their price range. Orvis has made sure this fly rod is balanced which for a salmon and steelhead rod is of the utmost importance. After being on the river all day you will come to appreciate this detail. They have a smooth progressive action which makes them a dream to use. Orvis has designed these rods from the input they received from some renowned Scandinavian fly fisherman who have been using shooting heads for years.

The 149-4 Shooting Star was extensively tested using the spey lines, and their performance was outstanding. The rods were capable of long controlled cast with the least amount of effort. These two handed fly rods will allow you to cast with little room for a full back cast to distant seams that other anglers just can not reach. You know where these seams are and have probably been thinking for years if only I could get my fly over to that seam I know I would hook that trophy fish which is hiding there.

For the last several years there as been a steady increase in the number of salmon and steelhead anglers switching to the two handed fly rod. With the advancements made in the last two years improved design for the two handed technique, now is the perfect time to pick one up for your self. Stop wishing you could make longer cast and start making them with this newly designed Salmon and Steelhead fly rod. Switching over to a two handed rod has never been easier withal the improvement incorporated in the newly designed Shooting Star models.

So if you are tired of wanting to be able to cover those impossible to reach seams, and you want a truly well balanced, well designed two handed fly rod now is the time to get yours. The Shooting Star 149-4 model is an excellent choice you will be making longer, effortless cast, have the control and balance you need, and have a Fly Rod that was specially design to handle the extremely large and often aggrieve fish.

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