TASER C2 Or Firearm? The Choice is Clear

First off, I would like to give you a little history of TASER products and which models are available to you, the consumer. TASER Int. has developed some fantastic Electronic Control Devices (ECD) in the last 10 years or so that are becoming hotter by the day. TASER offers several models to choose from and a few made specifically for Law Enforcement and Military use only. The two most common models for Military and Law Enforcement use are: TASER X26 and Advanced TASER M26 models. These two models are almost identical to the civilian/consumer models: TASER X26C and Advanced TASER M18/M18L. TASER also carries the TASER C2 for civilian use which is becoming one of the hottest models of ECD that TASER offers.

Here is how most TASERS work. The ECD has a replaceable cartridge that contains two probes that are launched by compressed nitrogen when the trigger is pulled or the activation switch is pressed. Since TASER designed these devices to be used on aggressive or highly resistant individuals, the two probes are stacked vertically being that humans stand upright. TASERS can be used against aggressive animals, therefore the TASER user needs to adjust how they aim their TASER, meaning horizontally. Most models offer a laser option. Keep in mind that laser can not be added after the purchase. All cartridges contain what TASER calls Anti-Felon Identification (AFID) tags. There are 20 to 30 confetti-like tags that are expelled from the cartridge when a TASER is deployed. These AFID tags are unique to the cartridge that is used with serial numbers printed on the tags. Police collect these tags to determine the owner of the TASER in case the TASER was wrongfully used. The probes are attached to the TASER using thin insulated wire in lengths of 15 feet for civilian/consumer models and 35 feet for Law Enforcement or Military models.

I could go into great detail of TASER products designed for Law Enforcement and Military use, but that is beyond the scope of this article and I will get into that in another article in the future. The most popular civilian/consumer model is the TASER C2 with obvious reason. TASER has added a feature that they feel that will lower the wrongful use of a TASER. All TASER C2 come in a locked state and has to be activated by the customer either by internet or by phone with an 800 number provided with the TASER. The TASER will NOT work without activating it. There is a fee of $9.95 associated with the activation process. This is a background check, so I recommend someone who has a criminal background, to not buy one. Once the background check is complete, the associate from TASER will issue an activation code to unlock the TASER C2. Very good thinking by TASER and has proven to greatly reduce the wrongful use of a TASER C2.

When a C2 is fired and the probes hit the target, the C2 uses Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology to override the signal the brain sends to the voluntary muscles to prevent any further aggressive behavior. The C2 supplies 30 seconds of continuous charge so you can find safety which means put the C2 down and do what you need to do to find help. Also, never fear that you will get shocked if an attacker is touching you when you use the TASER C2 either by firing the C2 or stunning them with the stun contact backup. The energy is high voltage and low wattage therefore the current can not travel from one to the other.

Now, we can move onto the main scope of this article. Should I buy a TASER C2 or a gun to protect myself and my family? There are many different views on this topic and varies depending on the user. If you have experience handling a firearm, then you may not have a tough time deciding what to purchase for your own personal protection but there are some things to still consider. Do you have children? As we all know children are naturally curious individuals. We know what can happen if a child finds a gun and they pull the trigger of a loaded gun. We don’t want to think that could happen to our child but it very well can with fatal results. Yes you can eliminate the possibility with locking the gun with a trigger lock or locking them into a closet but then you don’t have quick access to the firearm should someone break into your home. With a firearm you have to have a special permit called a concealed weapons permit. Some states may not allow this at all.

Now I am not saying that you can have a TASER C2 and a child will not be curious about what it is. A TASER C2 does cause pain but will not have the fatal results as a firearm would. Meaning, if a child were to accidentally use the C2 on him/herself, they would live to tell about it, unlike most firearms. The benefits of owning a TASER C2 are tremendous. They are legal to carry without a permit in 43 US states. States that do not allow the use of a TASER is DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, and WI as well as a few cities: Annapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Other great benefits are: you can stop an assailant up to 15 feet away, TASER can be used as a powerful contact stun device should you miss or have multiple attackers, fast and easy cartridge replacement, non-lethal self defense, and one of the best guarantees you will ever find. If you have to use your TASER C2 in a self defense situation and leave your C2 for the remaining 30 seconds stunning cycle to find safety and the TASER is destroyed, damaged or taken by the attacker, TASER Int. will replace the TASER C2 free of charge as long as you have a police report saying the C2 was used in a self defense situation. That is one guarantee that is impossible to beat.

I strongly believe that a TASER C2 is one of the most effective Electronic Control Devices (ECD) or self defense device anyone could ever own and have a better peace of mind that comes along with owning one.

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