TASER is the New Kung Fu

The alternative self defense product, stun gun, requires a bit of introduction. A lot of people when they first hear the term “stun gun”, they actually think of the little gadget featured in many science fiction movies. In fact, self defense technology has come a long way.

For a long time, if one wanted to protect themselves, they would have to spend years of time practicing martial arts or self defense techniques. In fact, it is still the ultimate way of self defense. If one can master the skill, it becomes built into your body. You can use it anytime, anywhere and nobody can take it away from you. However, the downside is that it takes a lot of discipline and time to master.

Later, the firearm became a popular way of self protection. Guns are no doubt a very effective method of protection if one is properly trained to aim and shoot accurately, and if one is able to face the permanent consequences of their split-second decision to take a life. If one is unable to shoot with accuracy, a determined assailant can continue to attack. Unfortunately, a fatal shot is the only guarantee to stop an assailant with a gun. A life or death decision must be made in the matter of an instance while knowing the consequences of your actions cannot be reversed.

Non-lethal self defense weapons can be very useful in stopping an assailant while not causing permanent damage. These too have limitations. The personal alarm might be effective if someone was around to hear it. Even so, most of us have grown accustomed to loud alarms and rarely do we act upon them. Pepper spray is another option for non-lethal self-defense. Pepper spray can be very effective if the attacker gets very close and you happen to have the pepper spray aimed to their eyes. The close proximity and limited target area make pepper spray less than ideal.

Our very last option would be a stun gun. A common myth about the stun gun is that when held against an attacker, the attacker will fall to the ground immediately. This is not how the stun gun works. When a stun gun touches both probes against the assailant’s body for ½ second, it will startle the assailant, giving him some pain, muscular contraction and shock. For 1-2 seconds, it will cause muscle spasms and a dazed mental state. For 3-5 seconds, it will cause loss of balance and muscle control, total mental confusion and disorientation, leaving him dazed. (Under no conditions can you suffer a charge back to your own body, even if the assailant touches you while you are using a stun gun on him.) As you can see, it will take 3-5 seconds for a stun gun to knock down the assailant. To be honest, 3-5 seconds is a very long time in a desperate situation. Now, you may ask, why would I need a stun gun then? Well, would you rather have something that would work but take a little time or nothing but your bare hands? Would you want a device that you can use with very little training? Would you rather have a mechanism that is non-lethal or one that causes death? Do you want protection without a license or waiting period?

Like I tell all my customers, a stun gun is your last line of defense. Use it when you have absolutely no choice. The ultimate wisdom to self defense is to be aware of your surroundings. If your gut tells you not to walk around a quiet and dark alley at 3 o’clock in the morning, chances are you should not. Any martial arts master would tell you fighting is not the way to get out of a situation. The best way to get away from a bad situation is not to put yourself into one. RUN! Therefore, my customers are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings. Walk to the car with a friend. Stay in well lit areas. Pay attention to the environment. And do not take any chances with your safety.

Still not satisfied? Non-lethal self defense has recently been taken to whole new level. The Taser. Police departments throughout the United States are starting to deploy the taser for their duty officers. It has been proven that taser is far more effective than any self defense weapon on the market today. The beauty of the taser is in its delivery. It can be aimed anywhere on the assailant’s body dramatically increasing the accuracy of your aiming. Pull the trigger and the taser will shoot tow dots with 50,000 volts to the assailant. A 15-20 foot range provides a great distance from you and your attacker. Taser uses the EMS technology- when the probes touch the assailant’s body, it interferes with the signal of the assailant’s nervous system. Therefore, the assailant has no choice but to fall down regardless of the mind power and body strength. They will stay immobilized for 5 seconds depending on the person. These 5 seconds is ample time to run away to a safe place and call the police. If you do not want to take any chances with your safety, the taser is the ultimate self defense product.

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