The Best Ground Blind is a Quiet Ground Blind

Have you ever tried to open a Velcro wallet in the back of a silent auditorium? People way in the front will turn and stare to see where all that racket is coming from. The same thing can happen with the Velcro or zippered window on your ground blind. Except it will be deer who turn to stare instead of humans.

Most blinds use Velcro, zippers, or magnets — or a combination of these three — to fasten the doors and windows. Which type of fastener is on your blind makes a difference in how silent or noisy your blind will be. Velcro and zippers are noisier than magnets. Because of this, more blind manufacturers are moving toward the use of magnets or other quiet methods instead of the traditional Velcro and zipper fasteners. If possible, choose a ground blind that lets you open the windows or remove the mesh without making a lot of noise.

Where the Velcro, zippers, or magnets are located on the blind also makes a difference in how much of a noise problem they can create. A zipper for the door is less of a problem than zippers for the windows. Once you get inside the blind and close the door, you probably won’t need to open it very often. The fastenings on the windows and shoot-through mesh, on the other hand, are more important because you may need to open or close a window while game is nearby.

Don’t let a noisy blind ruin the hunt. The best ground blinds use quiet fasteners to let you adjust your blind and windows as needed without alerting wildlife.

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