The Best Lures to Use For Fishing

The progress of fishing gears and accessories, including fishing reels and baitcasting reels, along with the growth of the bass fishing industry led to the development of all kind of lures and in particular of lures used for specific fish species.

There are several groups of lures depending on the type of fish they are going to be used. Most of them best work for certain kind of fish, while some of them are adequate for multiple species of fish.

Here are some of the most common lures used for fishing

Light Standard Casting Lures

Standard casting lures are able to attract several species of fish, including crappies, albacore, oho, bonita or bluefish. They are great for some species of bass fish and excellent when are retrieved with low or medium speed from water. These lures will also go through water with invisibly artificial material. The size of these lures is ideal for lightweight fish and an array of freshwater species.

Heavy Standard Casting Lures

These lures work best for rather heavy fish, particularly for bass and walleye. The lightweight lures are generally used in almost all circumstances, but heavy counterparts are responsible for a more productive fishing result.

Additionally, heavy standard lures are far more efficient than light standard and diamond lures.

Long Casting & Jigging Lures

Long, tapered jigging lures are probably the most popular fishing lures out there and are among the most widely used angling lures in Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi.

More recently, it was shown that long casting lures are excellent for fishing pike and trout. They are also efficient for catching bluefish, stripers, walleye and tuna.

For reasonably good angling result you need to successfully match the color of the lure, bait and other accessories as well with the area that you are fishing. For instance, you need to blend in with the normal bait of that area. Combine the “live-like” bait with some good Shimano baitcasting reels and you will have good days of fishing.

Deadly Diamond Lures

Diamond lures are among the smallest lures and are able to attract fish like a dream and even to form a school in minutes.

This performance is due to its structural surface configuration and cut. These lures are cut like a diamond and the reflection of light will fall upon its surface. Diamond lures are great for fishing bass fish species, stripers and crappie, but they are also efficient on some other species as well.

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