The Fishing Mark of Caerhays Beach In Cornwall

Caerhays, is a beach on the south coast of Cornwall know as “The Roseland.” The beach is narrow yet long stretched of clean sands with some great fishing. The flat ground is excellent for Flatfish. Top baits would be big fat Lugworm without a doubt for good Bass! Ragworm are also good especially for Bass if they are not biting and for enhancing the appeal of a spoon rig for the Flatties.

The beach can also offer great sport and exciting fishing. Both the Bass and bottom dwelling species such as Bull Huss which can be found only a small to medium cast into the breakers.

Other species to be found here are Conger Eels when fished near the Coves edges with a lump of Mackerel and the occasional good Whiting fishing in the winter months as they come close in.

The tackle should be geared towards clean ground fishing and the ideal rig would be a basic running ledger or 3 hook flapper. Use 60lb mono clear line as the main body of your rig with 15lb to 20lb mono hook lengths such as Amnesia ending with a Mustad Viking or a 4/0 Mustad Aberdeen for worm baits. A grip lead to keep anchored against the surf if conditions are rough! Breakaway Impact leads are good for this. However on the days of not so much surf you may use a Beach Bomb lead to search out the gully’s etc.

Night fishing here seems to be the most productive from experience, if you choose too you may want to park outside the gate as the main car park locks up at around 9pm daily.

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