The Inexpensive Ishapore Enfield 2A1 For Survivalists

Most survivalists or preppers are looking for an inexpensive rifle to compliment their other survival supplies. They don’t really wish to spend a lot of money on these weapons as they hope that their use will not be necessary. In either case, a weapon of some sort is vital for protecting your family and resources in the event of a major breakdown within our infrastructure.

I have an inexpensive suggestion to make here and that is the Ishapore Enfield 2A1. The Enfield 2A1 is considered a budget battle rifle. It has a 308 caliber and is still very much in use in third world countries. During a visit to the country of India it is not uncommon to witness the local police parading around the streets with only an Enfield as their weapon in place of the usual sidearm. Additionally, this bolt action weapon has been in continual use by the Indian military since 1963.

In 1962, the rifle was initially produced after the Sino-Indian wars begun. It was made at the Ishapore Rifle Factory located in the country of India. The 2A1 has become popular with civilian shooters in the United States due to its reliability and cost. They were originally designed and built from the outset to fire NATO 7.62mm ammunition. The NATO 7.62mm and the commercial.308 Winchester ammunition are in fact physically interchangeable, although these weapons were not designed for using.308 Winchester ammo.

Being an inexpensive weapon costing between one and two hundred dollars this rifle has considerable potential in the area of survival. In the event it is stolen from you are not out the usual 500 to 800 for other brands. In an actual situation you would not feel the least concern at providing one to your neighbor to help defend the local perimeters.

The design of these rifles has progressed steadily from the early 1800’s to now. Its first production run was created for black powder use until the final days of World War II. These fabulous weapons are rapid shooting machines and are almost as fast as a semi-automatic. The British has used these jewels for a good many years even after they acquired the M1 Garand, in fact even today it is not unusual to find British SAS troops using the very same weapons while serving in Iraq.

A television show once filmed a shoot out between the Enfield 2A1 and the M1 Garand. The results were very impressive in that one could see very little difference between the performances of the two other then the 2A1 was a slight bit slower. With this weapon you get the benefits of an M1 without the excessive cost. It’s well worth trying out.

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By Joseph Parish

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