The Key to Gun Saftey is Education

Guns as a tool are not unsafe. Often time’s people misrepresent guns and talk of them as hostile weapons used for nothing but evil. To the contrary; the problem is that many guns are not properly stored nor handled with care. Becoming educated about the proper ways to store and carry guns is the first step in making them safe.

Discover a secure, inconspicuous place to keep handguns and valuables with a gun vault. You can get a 16-gauge steel vault that features multiple user access codes and a tamper-resistant feature that temporarily locks the mechanism after five wrong codes are entered. Its key accessible as well, in case you forget your user codes. Guns are cradled in a protective foam layering. The vault is portable or can be permanently mounted. The whole thing operates on eight AA alkaline batteries.

A variation of this same vault concept is found in the high tensile strength aluminum housing of the long gun vault. The unique “no-eyes” keypad allows quick access. Precise fitting is virtually impossible to pry open. A carrying handle is included in this model. An audio alarm and a low battery warning are also provided. A power connection jack for external power supply is included and a spring-loaded access too.

A handgun rack primarily provides an exceptional means of organizing your gun safe or cabinet. It helps maximize shelf space by allowing handguns to rest upright and above the shelf. Largely available in four-gun or six-gun configurations, each model is constructed of vinyl-coated steel rod. They will hold most size and model of handgun including semi-automatic and revolvers. Each rack slot is generally 1-3/4″ wide and between 5 and 5-1/2″ tall. The four-gun configuration is about 9-1/2″ long and the six-gun is about 14″ long.

If you’re on the move and looking for a safe way to haul your guns or bows around with you, consider picking up a single or double grasp ATV rack. Save space with a rubber-coated, 1-Pc. offset design that attaches to rails (tubular or square) or even flat cargo racks. Usually a rack of this genre will have soft rubber spurs that will hold your gear tight. That’s important if you’re going to take your ATV or 4-wheeler on any degree of rough trail. It is also common to find snubber locks and V-shaped wedges that really grip large or small diameter guns, bows, or other equipment. Be sure to check for this adjustability because you’ll regret not having that versatility eventually!

If you are looking for a gun rack for use in your truck or SUV, we have a few suggestions. The first is an overhead double gun rack. This ceiling-mount rack uses only 2″ of headroom in pickups, extended-cab pickups, and sports utility vehicles. This gun rack maximizes window visibility and keeps firearms out of sight with an alternative overhead mounting. It’s easy to install and securely holds two cased or uncased rifles and/or shotguns. With these gun racks, scopes are not affected by the rack or holding straps. All mounting hardware should be included with one of these overhead gun racks.

The only way to keep guns and other possessions safer than a personal gun safe would be to keep those fire arms and valuables in a bank vault! Maximum security guns safes are the most secure option for safety. Nestled in a beautiful, finish-protecting velour interior, your gun collection is protected from theft, fire, and everything else. These safes have a UL-rated 18 DN residential security rating, and the electronic locks have memory backup and are extremely reliable and tough. The secondary security measure is an automatic relocking system that will foil and frustrate any unauthorized person attempting to gain access. Resolute, diamond-embedded armor plating on the safe resists cutting, sawing and forced entry. Active door bolts (1″ in diameter) are part of a four-way “bolt work” system that secures the door. Ball-bearing hinges keep the door operating easily and effortlessly. Plus fire protection means the safe and its contents are protected from 1,000-1950°F heat for between 30 and 90 minutes.

Just make sure your guns are safe and handled with care. Now that you are educated there is no excuse for not taking care of your gun properly.

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