The Non-Physical Benefits Of Archery

Archery is an outdoor activity that can totally harness an individual’s skills. It develops ones physical attributes and, at the same time, keenness in observation, analysis, and calculation are developed or enhanced. A total involvement of the body is attained when one is engaged in archery. It is preferable if one is introduced to archery at a young age. As such, schools have integrated archery into their sports curriculum as evidenced by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). This program, however, can only be used in its certified classes.

Children involved in archery have the advantage of gaining the full benefits of archery as part of his over-all development. It is a wise decision to engage your children early in archery. Here are some of the non-physical benefits your child can attain in archery:

1. Social benefits – A child practices and competes singly with his own equipment. However, many social benefits can still arise from archery such as character development, respect for others, time-consciousness, cooperation, constructive communication, responsibility, habit formation, and friendship. During practice, recreational, and competitive activities, a child is made aware of valuing habitual care for his equipment and for time-consciousness. He learns to respect others ( his teammates, competing teams, winners, judges, coaches, etc.). A child who joins competitions gets to meet new friends and learns to control his negative comments against an opponent. He also learns to cooperate with his coach or teammates. There are still a lot that a child can get from being a part of the archery team that would mold him into a socially well-adapted individual.

2. Emotional benefits – Once a child is into archery, he has an outlet for his hidden and negative emotions. Our kids do not always communicate with us their feelings. Shooting the arrow is a good outlet for him to release his feelings. Learning archery enables him to belong to a group where he feels accepted and which he might feel he cannot find at home. This would also be a good way for him to have a coach or teammates with whom he can freely communicate.

Although archery is primarily a physical activity, nevertheless, its effect on the totality of the individual – especially your child – is worth all the effort of the child. Get your child involved in archery and see its non-physical benefits at work in your child. Pretty sure your children will enjoy the perfect bonding!

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