Threadfin Shad – The Perfect Fishing Lure

One of the most abundant bait fish in many bodies of water is the threadfin shad. Any game fish that swims in a body of water that has a population of threadfin shad will undoubtedly feed on these bait fish. For example, both large and small mouth bass will feed heavily on this bait fish if they are available to them. For this reason it is important that any serious fisherman have effective threadfin shad fishing lures available to them when fishing on these types of waterways.

There are many shad imitations on the market today and I will outline two of the most popular and effective versions. One or both of them are certainly the perfect fishing lure for imitating a threadfin shad. I’m not going to try to say which of these lures is the best, I will leave that up to you to decide, the point is that these two lures imitate shad to an amazing degree.

  1. Soft Plastics – Soft plastics imitate shad to an amazing degree and can be a wonderful fishing lure. Some of the most effective forms of soft plastics are Berkley’s “Powerbait” and “Alive” products. The ‘Berkley Powerbait Manic Shad’ offer anglers a soft plastic bait paired with the power of Powerbait and the action of a hard bait, which is very effective. As far as exclusively soft plastic threadfin shad imitations go Berkley’s “Gulp Alive” jerk shads are very effective baits as well. What makes these soft plastics so effective is the fact that they are impregnated with fish attracting scents. These shad imitations can be rigged just as any soft plastic would be and work very well. Soft plastics could easily be the perfect fishing lure for imitating threadfin shad and are extremely effective in a variety of situations.
  2. The KickTail Fishing Lure – This shad imitation is a swim bait, which means that it is part hard bait and part soft plastic, and as realistic as a fishing lure can get. These shad imitations are extremely realistic under the water and look almost like a live swimming threadfin shad. There is no doubt that these swim baits have to be mentioned among the perfect fishing lure when it comes to imitating shad. This fishing lure is very effective for both large and smallmouth bass.

The bottom line is that the “perfect” fishing lure is impossible to determine, but the two types of lures above are among the best at imitating our friends’ the threadfin shad. One or both of these types of lures should be a part of your fishing repertoire, especially if you fish in water with a population of bait fish known as shad.

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