Tips to Fishing For Bass From Shore

When most people think of bass fishing they tend to think of fast, brightly colored boats and professional anglers like what they see on television every weekend. This is what comes to mind when the average person thinks of the term bass fishing, but the reality is that many anglers don’t have the money or good fortune to have access to a boat to go bass fishing. For these anglers, and I tend to think there are a lot of us, bass fishing from shore is the only viable alternative that we have.

In this article I will outline some tips to fishing for bass from shore. When a boat isn’t an option and fishing from shore is the only alternative, these tips on fishing for bass from shore will certainly come in handy. They will help you catch more bass when fishing from the bank. The tips are being listed in no particular order and all have there place in any serious shore fisherman’s repertoire.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Impact – When attempting to catch bass from shore pay attention to where your shadow is being cast so as not to spook any bass that are close to the bank. It’s also a good idea to “tread lightly” and make as little noise as possible when fishing from shore. Wary bass can spook easily, and if you spook the bass they will be difficult (if not impossible) to catch. Your shadow and loud, unnatural noises are a sure way to spook bass. Always pay attention to your impact and the ways in which you might be spooking the fish you are attempting to catch.
  2. Flies Are An Effective Bass Bait – Artificial flies are a very effective bass fishing bait that often get overlooked by traditional spin fishermen. If you aren’t a “fly fisherman”, but would like to give artificial flies a shot when fishing for bass from shore, a casting bubble is the way to do it. Using a casting bubble to fish artificial flies for bass is an extremely effective bass fishing technique for the person who doesn’t want to go to the time and expense of being a fly fisherman.
  3. Top Water Baits Are Effective – Anyone who has ever fished for bass knows how effective top water baits can be, and this is certainly true when fishing for bass from shore. Many times bass will lay or cruise right along the bank waiting for something to fall/jump into the water. For this reason top water baits can be very effective when fishing from shore. Remember to abide by the earlier tip when fishing top water baits from shore though, you certainly don’t want to “spook” the bass you are trying to catch.

Keep these simple (yet very effective) tips in mind the next time you go out fishing for these wonderful fish and you are confined to fishing from shore. These tips have helped me catch many bass over the past twenty five years and I know they will do the same for you.

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