Top 10 Urban Combat Weapons

In highly urbanized towns and cities, the combat conducted is known as urban warfare. Two or more military organizations are involved in urban warfare. But it is quite different from open combat in terms of tactical and operational level. Various forms of modern urban combat include guerrilla warfare, siege and terrorism.

The presence of civilians and the complex nature of the urban terrain complicate the combat.For instance, an average city features narrow alleys, tall buildings, sewage tunnels and subway systems. Attackers can use these elements for their advantage. If the defenders are not familiar with or aware of any of these features, they could get easily overpowered by their opponents.

Regardless, many forms of weaponry are used in urban combat. Here are the top ten urban combat weapons usually used in such an incident:

Armor is one’s protective covering against fired bullets and shrapnel. Often, armors are bullet-proof and lightweight. This makes body armors relatively comfortable to wear even when in the middle of fighting.

Artillery and armaments include guns, missiles and other weapons that can be launched for long distance attacks.

The use of biological weapons in combat is also known as germ warfare and WMD. WMD stands for “weapons of mass destruction.” Germ warfare uses disease-causing biological agents such as bacteria (anthrax), viruses and chemical toxins. They are intentionally spread in an area to incapacitate or annihilate an entire population.

Chemical substances (such as the defoliant) and their toxic properties are also used as weapons for combat. Defoliant is a chemical compound that strips trees and plants of their leaves. Without these leaves, the enemies have no natural form of covering. As a result, they are unable to camouflage or disguise their presence from their opponents.

Electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy is also used to attack an enemy. This type of weapon is used to impede the enemy’s assaults.

Psychological attack is intentionally done to generate confessions. Audiences usually targeted are government and organization members as well as ordinary individuals.

Incendiary (fire) weapons can cause utmost fire damage on any highly flammable supplies, structures and equipments. One of the most common incendiary weapons is the Fougasse, the M202A1 Flash.

Personal weapons are short and long-ranged firepower such as handguns, pistols and shotguns. Weapons commonly used for short ranges are M16 series and M4 carbine. Combat Shotguns such as the M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotguns are also used. Snipers like the M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle, many hand grenades, machine guns, mortar and knives are quite handy, too, in urban warfare.

Other weapons include the Drone fighters. These are small but extremely deadly unmanned jet fighters used extensively as training crafts by the U.N. Forces.

The DREAD is an electrically powered centrifuge gun. It is a virtually silent weapon that can launch an attack to an enemy base without being detected by radar or humans.

Those involved in urban warfare must bear in mind that the effectiveness of all these combat weapons relies on four crucial characteristics: proximity, precision, discrimination and latency.

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