Top Bass Fishing Tips – Part Five – Bass Fishing the Reeds

This is the last article in our series entitles Top Bass Fishing Tips. If you have missed any of our previous articles in this series I highly recommend you do a quick a search to find them as they compile some of the best bass fishing techniques that will help you catch more bass. With all that said, let’s look at the topic of today’s top bass fishing tips article. Today will be looking at bass fishing the reeds.

The secret behind many bass fishing techniques is knowledge and understanding of proper presentation in order to catch that lunker we dreamed about the night before. Well every time I spy a bed of reeds this is exactly the first thing that runs through my mind, and my heart starts pumping as if I just won the lottery. It is no surprise really that this happens because any good bassmaster elite fisherman is going to tell you bass fishing the reeds is gold. Here are a few things to keep in mind when fishing the reeds.

1. Getting a Great Cast. This is one of the most valuable top bass fishing tips when it comes to fishing in the reeds. The reason is that the weed structure is actually quite thin surrounding the bass and without setting up far enough away from the bass and going for those longer distance casts, you risk spooking the bass. So it makes sense the farther away you are from the bass in this situation the less sensitive the bass will be to your presentations.

2. The Trajectory of the Cast. Wow I bet you never saw that one coming. A lot of bass fisherman rarely consider the actual trajectory of their cast yet talk to a bassmaster elite and he’ll tell you he has his mind on that all the time. It is one the most critical aspects to getting a great cast. Thick reeds do not lend themselves well to flipping or pitching rod techniques and will cause you a lot of hang ups. What I like to do in reed growth is cast for the sky. The idea is to get it high and long. By doing this you will have a better chance of landing in-between the reeds without hang ups and place that bait or lure right on the bass’s nose.

3. If you don’t get a Strike “Dead Stick It”. Bass fishing the reeds is like walking fine line, and sometimes you’ll have no idea if you crossed it. You could be sitting far enough back, pitching your lures high to the sky and still not getting any strikes. It’s hard to say the exact reason, perhaps you think you are far enough away from the bass to not be spooked, but aren’t. Perhaps the guy you fished this spot and hour before made the bass shy, there are million reasons, so if you don’t get a strike after a few casts, dead stick it to them. Let your bait or lure sit there for a few minutes, just in case the bass might what to think about it your presentation before nailing it. After your convinced nothing is there (or your patience just can’t take it anymore) work the lure back slowly, don’t horse the retrieve as you’ll not only spook the bass but in all likely hood get hung up in the reeds then your done like dinner. This method of bass fishing may be frustrating but learning to finesse weed rigs is the real winner for bass fishing the reeds.

Well there you go a couple quick top bass fishing tips for fishing the reeds that are sure to help you catch more bass. The goal of this series was to give you great bass fishing techniques so that you can become the next bassmaster elite. So what are you waiting for head on out, wet that line and catch the lunker of a lifetime. See you on the water.

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