Top Five Tips For Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Vest

If you want to take up fly fishing there are a few accessories and pieces of equipment you will need, one item you should look at purchasing is a good quality fly fishing vest.

The fly fishing vest plays an important part in your ability to enjoy fishing, there are numerous types and styles of vest for you to choose from on the market today. By doing some research online and checking out the types of vests available helps you to make an informed decision on which one would be best for you, here you can find a few tips to help you make this decision.

TIP one

Before making your decision on which vest to buy think of where you are going to be fishing and what the weather conditions are like, in hot conditions you should look for a vest that is breathable these are called mesh vests. If the weather is going to be very cold where you fish, you should make sure that the vest you buy is big enough for you to get extra layers of clothing underneath it to help keep you warm.

TIP two

You should check to see how many pockets the fishing vest has on it, this is important to help you store your extra equipment when fishing. Buying a vest with different sized pockets is also a good idea, fly lines, fly boxes, fly reels, all come in different shapes and sizes and you need some where to keep them safe when fishing.

TIP three

Fishing vests with zip style pockets can be a problem sometimes as the zip can seize up and make it difficult to open with one hand, so look for a good quality vest that has the Velcro style fastener this makes much easier to open with one hand when fly fishing.

TIP four

Try to get a vest that is as lightweight as possible, once you start to add your equipment it will start to get heavier and make it less comfortable when fishing for long periods of time. Also try to make sure your fishing vest has a ring fastener on the back for your fly fishing net, this is important to keep the net out of the way when casting and makes it easy for you to gain access the net when you are landing your fish.

TIP five

If you are going to be wading when fly fishing you should consider the length of the fishing vest, you do not want the vest trailing in the water and allowing the water in to the pockets, this can lead to your fishing equipment getting wet and spoiling it. So if you are wading when fly fishing then try to get a vest that is as short as possible, it can make all the difference to your fishing enjoyment.

I hope these five tips have helped you to make an informed decision on choosing the right fly fishing vest for your fishing experience, having the right practical equipment when fishing makes it a much more enjoyable experience for this great outdoor sport.

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