TSD Tactical SDCBP601CBWH TSD CO2 Blowback M1911 Airsoft Pistol Review

The TSD Tactical SDCBP601CBWH TSD CO2 Blowback M1911 Airsoft Pistol is a 1:1 scale model that features a decent 16 round magazine capacity and fires at a remarkable velocity of approximately 500 feet per second (using.20 g BB). Powered by CO2 cartridge, this can last 100 rounds for each capsule. Its magazine works the same as the real one. It can be as simple as pressing the release button and it slides right away.

This semi-auto airsoft pistol also features an adjustable hop up, working safety and R.I.S. (Rail for Adding Tactical Gear). The adjustable hop up system enables the gun to have more accuracy in shooting. The tactical rail just beneath the pistol barrel will fit tactical illumination/lights and laser sights.

This tactical airsoft pistol has a realistic design since it is a full scale replica. It is made from sturdy ABS plastic and metal as well as wood on its grips. It is constructed to be extremely powerful which has been proven by vigorous testing.

This can be a great buy however; there are still few cons against it.

One, the plastic where the second safety is at eliminates the real feel. Not really a major issue but can be hated by some.

Two, the magazine has to be shoved into the grip of the gun rather hard, but that’s due to the Co2 intake. It’s not really a setback but more of something to keep in mind.

Three, when it gets low on CO2 the slide will catch on the hammer and lock up, and then you need to alter Co2 tanks when there’s still some left. It’s a bit wasteful for someone’s opinion.

Fourth, the slide lock is just utilized to adjust the hop up and does not catch when the firearm is out of ammo.


Scale: 1:1

Power: 500 feet per second

Range: approximately 180 to 220 ft

Capacity: 16 rounds

Generally, this pistol has more pros than cons. It’s up to you whether you purchase it or not but always be vigilant in picking the best airsoft gun for your shooting practices

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