Types of Fishing Reels

Spin Cast Reels

The spin cast reel is probably the easiest reel to operate for the beginner and is especially easier for younger kids who haven’t fished much. Often called the closed-face real, with the spin cast reel the line spool is not exposed causing less chance for tangle ups in the spool. The spin cast usually has a push button to release the line. There is also type of spin cast with the release trigger on the bottom of the reel. They call this reel an under spin cast. I have never used one but they look easy to use.

Spinning Reels

The spinning reel is probably the most common reel used today. From experienced anglers to beginners, the spinning real is the most versatile reel and can be used for almost any type of fishing. Whether you like trolling, casting, bobber, jigging, or drifting this is my favorite all purpose reel. This reel also called an open-face reel. the line spool is exposed and has a bail you flip to cast or let your line out. Spinning reels can be used for many species of fish from pan fish to walleyes, bass, northern pike, trout and many more.

Bait Casting Reels

The bait cast reel is the most difficult reel to learn to use. I don’t recommend this reel for the beginner or younger kids. You will have a lot of headaches if your new to fishing. They have a great advantage if you cast a lot of heavier lures because of the accuracy and the distance you can cast. These reels are commonly used by bass and musky fisherman. The bait casting is my reel of choice when targeting big fish.

Fly Fishing Reels

The Fly Fishing reel is the oldest and most simple designs for fishing reels. This does not mean fly fishing is simple. Fly fishing takes many hours of practice casting to get your fly to land where you want. Catching fish fly fishing is very rewarding and kind of a pristine style of fishing. There is nothing better then fly fishing a stream and watch a trout attack your fly or watching a sunfish hit a popper on top of the water.

I hope this will give you a little insight on what type of reel you would like to use for what type of fishing you plan to do. For beginners start simple and hopefully you enjoy fishing as much as I do.

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