UHC Super 9 PRO Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle SOFT-314 – Everything You Need to Know

The UHC Super 9 Pro has been a hit ever since its release. Most spring Airsoft sniper rifles are priced at over $150, but the Super 9 is less than $100. You won’t even come close to finding anything that’s as well made or with such high performance as this sniper rifle for the price. The Super 9 is the ideal choice for Airsoft players who are new to the marksman role. Its lightweight design allows its operator to change positions freely without being bulked down. Featuring a spring piston firing mechanism, the sniper rifle is almost silent when fired which gives a vital advantage to snipers who don’t want to give away their position. With a muzzle velocity of 380 feet per second and an effective range of 150 ft, you can take down your target with expert precision with a high speed BB.

The Super 9 features a bolt and 26 inch barrel constructed of full metal. The stock and receiver are made of ABS plastic with a rubber butt pad that is very comfortable to use. The sniper rifle features a unique shell ejection port that is not found on any other sniper rifle. After each shot, the spent shell ejects out as you cock back the bolt while the rotary magazine (included) loads another shell into the barrel. This feature adds in a level of realism to the rifle that cannot be matched. However, if you’re the trigger happy kind of shooter who just want to unleash round after round of havoc at your target then you’ll want to use the stick magazine and feeder adapter combo (also included). This will disable the shell ejection feature as well as allow you to fire 25 rounds before reloading.

All in all the Super 9 is an amazing sniper rifle that is extremely fun to shoot. Whether target cans in your backyard or enemy skirmishes on the Airsoft field, the Super 9 will be sure to devastate anything that crosses your line of sight.

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