Viking Sewing Machine

Apart from Singer, Bernina, Brother and Janome, Huskvarna Viking machine has earned its own name in the same field. The history of evolution of Viking machines states back to 17th century. The then King of Sweden started a factory in Huskvarna city, which was especially meant for producing firearms. Artisans who were previously working in the factory stopped manufacturing firearms and came up with an idea of producing a product that is helpful and peaceful. This idea resulted in the production of high quality machines. As they maintained a high quality in their products, Huskvarna city soon became internationally acclaimed for their products.

Huskvarna Viking products range from different types of embroidery and these machines. Considered among one of the oldest machine makers, Viking sewing machines have earned a respect for themselves for a high quality precision machines. Every sewing machine that is produced in Huskvarna factory is gracefully manufactured according to the needs of their customers. Viking sewing machines introduced their first ever computer oriented product called the Model 6680 in the year 1979. The system consisted of a microchip which controlled the different stitching patterns. The patterns were pre-fed into the system and allowed the user to select accordingly irrespective of the cloth material they used. Later in the year 1980, Viking sewing machines introduced Model 6690 which had the capability to stitch letters for the embroidery patterns and the quilting designs.

With their presence for over more than 300 years, Viking sewing machines set a mark in the embroidery and sewing lovers all over the globe. From their basic model mega quilter to the latest Designer Diamond TM they have added every possible technology to their products to give the best sewing machines which are intelligent as well. For the affordable range, Viking sewing introduced the Sapphire 870, 850 and 830 quilt series.

These machines are popular for they use the latest technology and sophisticated designs. They have come a long way by adapting to the new trends and new technologies to keep up with the times to attract more and more embroidery enthusiasts. The latest from them is the Designer I USB, which allows you to store the design patterns in the embroidery stick that comes along with the machine. They have even adapted the touch screen technology to their Sewing AdvisorĀ® which allows you to perform all the action from the sewing machine with a touch on the screen. The other marvelous product that has come out from Viking sewing machines is the Designer SE limited edition machine which has features such as the touch screen panel, interactive screen, sensor system and built in Sewing Advisor and Embroidery Advisor.

If you are an embroidery lover and would like to design some great patterns for your new born or for your spouse, you can well have one Viking these machines at your home which can bring colors to your life.