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Walleye fishing tips with Artificials, Lures

When fishing for walleye the complete walleye fisherman must be proficient with walleye lures as well as live bait. Although like bait accounts for the majority of walleyes caught by angling, there are many times when  artificials work better.

Here’s a good walleye fishing tip, when walleyes are scattered for instance, trolling or casting lures for walleye enables you to cover a lot water quickly. Once you find a school and catch the aggressive fish the action slows. But you may be able to catch a few more by switching to live bait.

One of the best ways to find fish in unfamiliar waters when fishing for walleye is by trolling with lures. Make sure you keep a keen eye when you are following structure lines. Look for points and inside turns on the breakline, areas of hard bottom and schools of fish.Make sure you have spot markers on your boat and when you get a strike or locate a potential spot toss out a marker so you can return later.

When you are fishing in fast moving current and rivers or waters that are murky with low clarity, walleye artificial lures and jigs work better then live bait. Here’s one of the walleye fishing tips every savvy walleye fisherman should know. Walleyes in current do not have much time to inspect food. they learn to strike at any movement or flash. Understanding the water clarity of the waters you intend to fish is so very important. for example walleye in murky water can only see a few inches, but they can hear and feel vibrations.

There are some significant reasons some walleye fisherman pick lures when fishing for walleye at night. When you are fishing for walleye at night you need to understand that walleyes can spot the moving silhouette of a artificial lure against the water’s surface much easier then say live bait moving slowly along the bottom. Lets not forget too it’s much easier to fish artificials at night because you do not have to bait your hook.

If you are fishing for walleye when they are in a feeding binge, artificial lures and jigs are the way to fish. You will more walleye quicker then using live bait. In the time it would take to remove your old minnow and hook on a fresh one, you can cast a lure and possibly catch another fish.

The choice is yours fishing live bait or artificials, both are good choices for certain situations. Make sure you read my articles on walleye fishing lures, the basics.

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