Walleye Fishing Rods – Make Things Happen With the Right Walleye Fishing Tackle!

Your Fishing Technique Will Choose Your Rod

Your choice of fishing tackle for walleye particularly rods depends on your fishing for walleye technique. Walleye fisherman that try multiple fishing techniques every fishing trip will carry multiple type of fishing rods, that are set up for either walleye lures,walleye jigs or walleye live bait.

Please Review our fishing rod selections below. We hope that you use these tips to strengthen your walleye fishing technique the next time you go fishing for walleye.

When you are selecting fishing tackle specifically a rod to be used for fishing for walleye for the purpose of casting and trolling lures and live bait rigs in the 1/4 to 5/8 once range, make sure you pick a 5 1/2 – to – 6ft medium power, fast action spinning rod. This rod is the best choice for general purpose fishing.

When you intend to use small walleye jigs, and walleye lures weighing 1/16th – to 3/8 ounces for casting, make sure you choose a 5 – to – 5 1/2 foot, light power, fast action spinning rod.This rod differs from the medium power rod because when you are flipping the rod in the back position right before you release for the cast, the rod will flex,giving you extra distance which is great for smaller size walleye baits and lures.

If you intend to purchase walleye fishing rods to cast and troll large deep diving walleye crank baits and live bait rigs more than 1/2 once in size than I suggest a 5 1/2- to 6ft, medium power, fast action bait casting walleye rod. This rod is much better for trolling than a spinning rod because of it’s stiffness. You may want to look at rods that are equipped with a line counter if you are going to be using it primarily for trolling.

For you live bait walleye anglers, pick a 6 to 7ft light power, medium action spinning rod. This rod will cast much further than a shorter stiffer rod.

Walleyes are notoriously soft biters. When you are selecting your fishing tackle to be used for walleye ,sensitivity should be a major consideration in choosing your walleye fishing rods.You will notice when you start shopping for rods that the rods marked “fast action” will generally be much more sensitive, than the slower action rods. I would suggest that you purchase your walleye fishing rods constructed of graphite. These rods transmit vibrations and are very sensitive to the slightest bite.

Other features that improve a fishing rod’s ability to transmit vibrations include a blank that extends all the way through the rod handle; one piece construction;and light weight, single-foot guides, ferrules and double foot guides add weight and tend to restrict the rods action. Just remember to follow these simple steps when purchasing quality rods to be used when fishing for walleye. They may save you some time, money and frustration.

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