Walleye Fishing Secrets For Reef Runners

Hi, Andrew Martinsen here. You know, according to every top walleye pro I’ve ever met, catching more walleye more often is more about your strategy, approach and mindset than any particular lure.

With all that said, now you know how much the lure I want to talk about in this article means to me.

The reef runner is such an important part of the arsenal of a successful walleye angler, that I wanted to delve into it right now so that you and I can use them to catch more fish every time out.

Catching More Walleye Using Reef Runners

When it comes to crankbaits which work very well on Walleye, the Reef Runner line is one of the best, and for good reason. These lures come in a huge variety of colors, designs, and intended applications, and there is a Reef Runner lure perfect for any depth or circumstance.

The technique that is used is just as important as the lure you choose. If the depth you are aiming for is moderate, a Reef Runner Ripstick may be a good choice. This lure stays at a medium depth, and can be used to pull in a ton of fish.

In the spring, when the waters are cold and the fish are not quite active yet, a shallow depth lure may be used instead, especially around spawning time. Look at the color and clarity of the water, and adjust the colors of the Reef Runners accordingly. In clear waters and on bright sunny days use neutral or darker colored lures, those which match the food supply for the Walleye in the area and are not bright and flashy. When the water is darker or the clouds and sky are overcast, use Reef Runners that include more colors and vivid designs. This will attract the Walleye in the dark water, and improve the success you see on the water.

Reef Runners can help catch those suspended trophy Walleyes as well. The Reef Runner Deep Diver and the Deep Little Ripper are both created for use when going deep, and these lures can be very effective at catching Walleye. Trolling or jigging reef runners can result in more fish.

One technique that can increase your catch count is to use a jigging motion at the outer edge of an area with tall weeds. Look for a point that is lower than the weed bed, and then jig the Reef Runner between this point and the weeds. Many times there is a drop off at the bottom, and the Walleye may dart back and forth between the two. This technique can help you catch a trophy Walleye, or pull in your limit for the day.

One important consideration is to make sure that any Reef Runner lure that you use is tuned and straight. This can cost a lot of lost fish, and the Reef Runner Tuner that is less than ten dollars will allow you to frequently tune and verify your lures. Slowly jigging or trolling around underwater rock formations and other structures during warmer days may also help increase your Walleye fishing success.

No matter what season or time of day it is, Reef Runners can help you get the most from your fishing trips and can be used with many techniques.

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