Washington Redskins’ Safety Sean Taylor Safe From Slammer

With a plea of No Contest, Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor manages to avoid seeing the slammer on two felony, and two misdemeanor charges involving assault. Had Taylor not pleaded No Contest, and took his chances in court, this 23 year old Pro football players career would have be finished. Taylor was facing the maximum prison time of 46 years for the combined charges and escaped, without losing a single game for the upcoming NFL season.

What is requested by the state prosecution, is that Taylor be placed on 18 months of probation, pay $429 dollars in court costs, offer speeches to ten different Miami Dade County Schools on the importance of education, and offer a $1,000.00 scholarship to each of the schools he speaks at.

The charges stem back to a confrontation that happened last June, as he had a few all terrain vehicles stolen from him. Once he had found the individuals that lifted the property from him, there was a fight to which Taylor allegedly shoved and struck one of the thieves. It was also stated that Taylor brandished a firearm, yet this was excluded from the proceedings, as a result of the No Contest plea. Taylor denied having a gun, and this is irrelevant to the case.

Although Taylor was lucky to escape prison time, he still feels this is a rather difficult pill to swallow, as he feels he is not guilty of anything. He does believe however, that this plea was in his best interest.

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