What Is Paracord?

Paracord is a general purpose cord used by all branches of the military as well as many camping and outdoor enthusiasts. It is commonly referred to as 550 cord because one strand can hold up to five hundred and fifty pounds without breaking. It’s composed of an outer nylon sheath made of thirty-two individual strands that are braided together. Inside the outer sheath are seven additional strands of nylon. Each of these seven strands is composed of two to three strands that are twisted together. Paracord is also known as parachute cord because its original use was to connect a parachute to the rigging worn by paratroopers.

Today, paracord is commonly transformed into trendy bracelets that people wear around their wrist. These bracelets come in almost any color or pattern imaginable. They are often called survival bracelets because they can help get the wearer out of tough survival situations. The bracelets can be unraveled and the paracord can be used to do anything from help fix a broken shoe lace to building a shelter to becoming a tourniquet for a limb that is bleeding uncontrollably. The cord’s internal strands can also be removed and used as sewing thread or fishing line.

With many people thinking a sharp economic downturn could push our society over the edge, people are doing everything they can to stay safe and survive. People who know how to use paracord are confident the cord can help them survive if things get bad, making it a must-have item in any survival kit. As long as the wearer knows how to tie a decent knot, they can use the cord to survive many tough situations in the wild.

Paracord can be used in crafts unrelated to survival, including horse reins and dog collars. However, what makes paracord a unique and fashionable thing to have is its many survival uses combined with the availability of countless colors and patterns. Anyone interested in making crafts out of paracord can easily find online video tutorials that will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to make paracord bracelets, belts, key chains and other items.

There are plenty of places to get paracord online and you can often find it in military surplus stores but you need to be sure that the cord you are purchasing is the same strength as the military grade cord. There are paracord sellers that call their cord 550 but sell cheap low-quality cord made overseas. If the cord you purchase is not made by a reputable manufacturer, then it may not actually hold up to 550 pounds.

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