What To Do If A Gunman Walks Into Your Classroom

To think that a random murderous gunman could even possibly

appear in your or your child’s classroom is a horrible


And while the rest of the world analyzes what could have

been done to forewarn authorities about potential threats

like this (including other countries screaming gun control

at us), I can’t help but think about how the victims just

sat there waiting to be killed.

I don’t mean to disrespect their memory, and I fully

understand that they were still young adults, but if a

gunman chained the doors and methodically began executing

people, would you lie down and wait your turn?

Even without training, I would have imagined that someone

in that predicament would have at least tried to stop the

shooter. Throw a desk, a textbook, jumped at him, whatever.

Unfortunately, the same conditioning elements (violent

media, video games, etc.) that romanticize these kind of

killings (go read On Combat by Grossman) also seem to

pacify the “hero” mechanism within most people today.

Without beating around the bush, here’s exactly what you

should do (and pass on to your kids and family) if a gun

ever presents itself.

1) Run. Those kids from Va. Tech who immediately jumped out

the window had the right idea. You see a weapon; get as far

away as possible. If that means jumping out a 2nd story

window and breaking your leg, fine. If it means running as

fast as you can to a known safe area, fine too. Get the

heck out of there at all costs.

2) Get offline ASAP. Statistics show an absolutely

incredible decline in ability to hit a moving target with a

firearm when target reacquisition is necessary. And that’s

with highly trained shooters. If you step offline from

wherever the gun is pointed, your survival rate just took a

HUGE turn for the better.

3) Drive back in. Can’t run? Got offline? Good, now take

the fight back to him. Drive that psycho back on

his heels and edge of hand him into the ground. Don’t worry

about stripping the gun or disarming him as it’s almost

impossible to shoot (even a close target) while being beat

to death.

Let the media play “Monday morning quarterback” and

talk about the “signs” and how the attacks could have been


Your task is to be proactive and go pass this stuff onto someone.

And if they pass it on, and so on, perhaps the next time

a kid (or terrorist) with a weapon might be put down even

before a single person is injured.