What to Look For in Gun Safes

The moment you decide to purchase a gun, buying a gun safe also becomes mandatory. It will not just prevent possible theft, but also guarantee that no one has access to it, which could lead to damage to the gun or even result in injury.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind when buying a gun safe.

Number of Security Features

This is the most important factor, and not the price. There is no point in scrimping on a quality gun safe; if you can afford to buy a gun, you can afford to purchase a good quality safe, and what will set one safe from another will be the security features.

The most basic are those that use combination locks, but that is not enough these days. In times of emergency, it can be difficult to use the lock combination, because people panic. Fortunately, a lot of gun safes today have voice activation capabilities. With voice recognition, security will be ensured.

Other safety measures include fingerprint biometric scanning and numeric locks using a keypad, similar to burglar alarm systems. If you are going to opt for the combination / safety locks, you need to buy a gun safe with a dead locking feature.

You should also check out the durability of the box itself. At the very least it has to be fire and water resistant, and able to withstand heavy blows.

Where to Put Gun Safes

Another vital factor to consider is where to place your gun safe. In most cases it can be put in the bedroom (near a drawer or against the wall). However, if you have children in the house, you should take more precautions and make sure that they are out of reach and sight.

If you travel frequently, you may consider buying a gun safe for your car. Having a gun in the car will deter a potential robber, and having a safe within the vehicle will attract the attention of the thief, giving you time to get help.

Gun Safe Paraphernalia

Some gun safes come with extra features when you buy them, while others you may have to buy separately. Whatever the case, consider getting some of the items below to help you maintain your gun and safe in good condition.


Keeping your firearm stored in the safe for extended periods of time can lead to rust, making it difficult or impossible to use when the need arises. To prevent this from occurring, get a dehumidifier.

These dehumidifers come in two types, electrical and chemical. Some of these are packaged in a sleeve or holder, making it convenient when you carry it with you. However, these demumidifers can also be used inside the gun safe.

Pistol Holders

If you have plenty of guns, you should buy pistol holders. Damage can result from piling guns together in the safe one on top of the other. By having pistol holders you can attach them against the safe wall.


Most gun safes have built in lights, but if the one you bought does not have one, or you want to replace it, there are several you can purchase, although you have to be sure that it is compatible for the gun safe you have.

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