Where and How to Prepare Procurement and Worms and Gentles For Angling

The largest of which is used in angling, they can be found in the areas of cultivation, but more abundant in the garden. They are found by digging or stirring the soil, and they may be collected in large numbers late at night and very early in the morning, when they crawled out of the ground. They may also be obtained quickly by pouring a strong solution of salt and water into the soil, which encourages them to come to the surface.

Swamp or blue-headed worm
Ian common in swamps, and may be found under the cloud of cow dung. They are also often found in gardens and fields, in the rich mold. They can also be collected in a meadow and commons at night, by going with candles and lanterns to look for them.

It was found in an old dirt hills, they are small worms with stripes on the back in red and yellow. They must also require polished before use, because they contain hot issue. They will remain should three or four days in fresh moss, which must be changed at intervals

Red Worms
Found in dunghills old, and in the park rich clay molds, and also in the bark-heap of garbage in the yard tanner. Red worms have some sort of knot, or light-colored belt, in the middle. For general feedback not have the same with red worms: almost no fish refused them. Red worms are the best of all

Blood Worms
This is raised from manure and horned cattle, and can be found in a field-yard line, their blood is red, about an inch long, and no bigger than a needle wool. They are the bait to kill the small fish, and they do not need pads.

Tag-tail worms
This is found on the banks of clay and marl, they are the red worm with a tail-light yellow. They are very strong and long stay on the hook, and require less abrasive than other worms.

To explore the worm
To explore and live worms as bait once saved one or two days or longer in damp moss. They need to see every day, and bruised and sickly deleted. When the moss has become dry through pumping long keeping may be refreshed by it, and then squeezed a sponge.

Gentles or maggots
Generally this can be found in countries in Chandler fats, candle-makers, or bone-gatherers, or will soon proliferate by exposing any meat or animal substances to the flies in summer. In their large towns all fish sold in-store deal. They should be incorporated into the sand a few hours before using them as bait for fishing.

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