Whitetail Deer Hunting – Best Rifle For a New Hunter

If you are just getting started into deer hunting, or if you've got a youngster that is ready for his own gun, deciding which type of rifle is best can be a bewildering project. Here are some ideas to think about that will help you in reaching your decision on what kind of rifle to buy.

If cost were no object, it would be easy to just go out and buy the latest and greatest offering the highest price sporting goods store you can find offers. For most of us, however, weighing the difference between getting the best starting rifle and keeping the cost reasonable makes your decision a little more difficult.

Many long time deer hunters think very highly of the Winchester Model 70. These rifles have been made since 1936. Although the original Winchester Repeating Arms Company does not make the rifle today, they are still being produced. It is felt that the original quality and attention to detail that was put into the original Winchester models is still being carried forward today in the new rifles.

Another never ending debate is which caliber is best for a deer rifle. You won't have any trouble finding old timers who will tell you the only thing to use is a 30-06. But the .270 caliber rifles probably are currently more common as a choice. Modern improvements in guns and ammo makes the .270 enough of a rifle for most situations.

The weight of the bullet you use also has a bearing on which caliber of rifle you use. If you will be shooting 150-160 grain bullets, the. 270 is a good choice. If you feel you have to go to a heavier round, lean toward a 30-06 for bullet weights over 160 grains.

If you want to pay a little less than you might have to pay for a Winchester Model 70, consider some of the offerings from other companies. Remington offers wide range of rifles. One to consider would be the Model 7600. Marlin Firearms also makes a nice rifle in the Model XL70. Both of these are available in either. 270 or 30-06 calibers.

Another option would be to go with something outside the traditional calibers. You can check out the Weatherby Vanguard which shoots a .257 caliber round. Weatherby is another company with a well known name in the firearms industry.

It seems that if you talk to ten hunters you will find that they will recommend ten different guns as the best to use. There is no one perfect rifle. All have their different advantages. The guns above will give you a good starting point, and then ask others you know who are hunters for their recommendations.

Getting a rifle you like and are comfortable with is a prerequisite for your first hunting season.

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