Who Else Wants to Know How Men Flirt?

To be perfectly honest, men aren’t all that good at playing the dating game, especially when it comes to sending out signals using their body language. Sure, they have the tendency to talk and act in a more manly manner when flirting. They may begin to strut; show a more aggressive (or sensitive) attitude; suck in their protruding bellies and stand up straighter, among other things. But, unlike women, who have plenty of ammunition in their gestures arsenal, men rely very little on their gestures to win a woman’s heart — at least consciously, that is.

There are a few things that most men will do when using their body language to flirt. One is to preen when trying to attract a member of the opposite sex. Again, different from the way a woman will gussy herself up using make-up, accessories and sexy attire, a man will likely rely on more simple things like simply straightening his tie; tuck in his shirt; or touching his watch and cufflinks to help make himself more presentable.

Another tactic men often use when trying to attract a woman is to talk. He may share his thoughts, feelings and even dreams as a way to connect with a woman. Women take heed: men have the tendency to talk openly at the beginning of a relationship, only to revert back to their non-verbal communication once a relationship is established.

When trying to see if a woman is interested in him, a man may lean his tie to one side and even add a little lint to his shirt to see if she’ll brush it off (and straighten the tie). If she does, the odds are his flirting trick worked.Of course the most obvious things men do when flirting with a woman is to obsess over the crotch. This way of asserting himself can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Some men simply stand with their thumbs in their belt loops or pants pockets in order to highlight this manly area.
  • When seated he may spread his legs to display his crotch.
  • He may adjust “himself.” While women often find the “crotch adjust” uncomfortable, men seem to think it’s a great way to show their manliness.

No matter what flirting techniques a man employs, there are main body language signals a woman should watch out for to determine if he is indeed interested in her:

  • turning his body toward her when speaking
  • pointing his foot toward her
  • giving her more intimate glance
  • holding her gaze longer than normal
  • leaning towards her when she speaks
  • brushing lint from his clothes
  • showing a keen interest in what she is saying

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