Why a Bait Bag Is Invaluable to the Wading Fisherman

Of all of the different manners in which a person can spend time on the water fishing, to me there is none that is more relaxing, soul restoring, and effective than wading in a small to medium sized river. Many species of fish can be caught while wading including trout, large and small mouthed bass and even walleye and whitefish. Yep, there is little doubt that wading in a river is a great way to catch fish and one of the most important pieces of fishing gear that a person can use when they are wading and fishing is called a bait bag.

In this article I will outline the simple reasons why a bait bag is invaluable to the wading fisherman. While both fly fishing and spin fishing are both effective methods to employ when wading, as you probably imagine a bait bag is a piece of fishing gear that is reserved for spin fishermen, and not only spin fishermen, but spin fishermen who realize the effectiveness of using live bait when they are wading.

For anyone who is not aware, live bait is an extremely effective bait to use when you are wading in a river, but as a wading fisherman, live bait can be a challenge to access and carry with you on the water. For this reason there is one form of live bait that stands out above all others when it comes to wading in a river and that bait is the live worm. Live worms, which are readily available in most areas, are the way to go when it comes to live bait and wading in a river that you are fishing and the easiest and most effective way to carry live worms when wade fishing is a bait bag.

With the help of this type of worm container your bait is quite literally at your fingertips at all times which saves a ton of valuable fishing time that is otherwise spent baiting up, searching for your bait, and/or re-baiting. The live worms that are going to be used as bait are placed in to the bait bag (which has been clipped to your fishing vest, shirt, or belt) and forgotten, until which time as they are needed. When a live worm is needed, you simply place your thumb and forefinger into the bait bag and pull a worm out. It’s as simple as that, and then the rest of your live worms simply “wait” in the bait bag until the next one is needed.

If you are a fisherman who enjoys wading and likes to use live bait, a bait bag will be invaluable to you. I have personally been using some version of a bait bag live worm carrier for more than twenty years and wouldn’t even think about going wade fishing without one. A bait bag is without question, invaluable to the spin fisherman who enjoys wade fishing and using live worms as bait.

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