Why It Is Important To Clean Your Gun Barrel

If you have ever wanted to ensure that you are maximising accuracy of your guns, maybe you shoot competition targets or just want to ensure you getting the best results in the field, keeping you barrel clean is the most important step. Every time a projectile is fire through the barrel not only powder residue is left behind but also lead and copper fouling and the combination of these is the killer of maintaining accuracy.

You can imagine each time this combination of waste products leaves a film of residue behind through the barrels and the barrels circumference becomes minutely smaller each time. You may say “so what, it’s so small it’s insignificant” and to some degree your right. It does become significant though when someone fires 100’s or even 1,000’s of projectiles before PROPERLY cleaning their barrel.

You may say “surly there is no one out there that does not clean their barrel after a few hundred ore few thousand rounds” and I don’t disagree BUT remember the word I used was “PROPERLY”. Rest assured there are many people that clean their guns even after 20, 50 or 100 rounds but if they’re not doing it “properly” then chances are some of the most damaging residue is being left behind. The majority of cleaning principals and solvents used will remove powder fouling and lead fouling without a hitch, it’s the copper fouling that is the hardest to remove and that’s the stuff that can just keep building on itself causing you the most grief in the long run in so far as affecting and maintaining the long term accuracy of your rifles.

Copper fouling inhibits accuracy & reduces barrel life. It’s easy as that, so the removal of this material is imperative if you want to look after your guns and their accuracy. Most people do actually believe their doing this job, possibly they have been taught by well intentioned friends or relatives who never really were taught either the step by step processes and techniques are used by many of the top shooters. They may be recreational shooters or those that take part in competition shooting such as bench rest and “F” Class. These are the guys you want to be listening to when it comes to this subject; they CONSISTENTLY shoot some of the tightest mind blowing groups you have seen from distances anything from 100 – 600 metres.

How would you like to learn a barrel cleaning system that will immediately…?

– Clean cooper fouling that inhibits accuracy & reduces barrel life.

– Develop skills & fundamentals that you will use for a life time on ALL your rifles and teach your friends once you see the results.

– Get immediate results with the steps and processes outlined along with some of the most effective products on the market!

Learn the secrets of how to maintain accuracy, running in new rifle barrels and the little preparation steps that make the razors edge difference on the shooting range or out on a hunting trip and now they are ready to share these secrets with you.

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