Your Mindset and Weight Loss Program

When you have decided to start losing weight and have chosen a particular weight loss program to follow, you face some problem such as resistance of family members, friends or even people you contact with. In families that do not have food issues, their support might work perfectly well. In families that do, it would be disaster.

What can you do about it? Do not give the people who encourage you to comfort eat any ammunition. If you are surrounded by them, do not keep your diet in secret, tell everyone you are on diet, tell them what you can and what you cannot eat, and explain that you will not go off weight loss program, even for one meal.

Do not apologize for yourself. What are you apologizing for? Getting in shape? Being good to yourself? The person you are talking to will probably say that they will make something especially for you. Politely thank them, and explain that this will not be necessary. You are in control of what you put in your mouth, nobody else.

Whatever you do, do not look miserable, even if you feel it at start of any weight loss program. Eat what you can eat cheerfully. Explaining what the diet involves and eating only what you are allowing yourself to eat, you are putting out the powerful message that from today onwards, when it comes to food, you are the boss. You are in control.

You are no longer going to eat food that makes you fat out of politeness, or because you want to show somebody you love them by eating their food. Take them a bunch of flowers instead.

Do you understand how and why you overeat? Understanding patterns of behaviour is essential if you are going to break them. If you are confident that you have got the basic idea, and if you recognise your eating triggers, you are ready to start following any weight loss program. That means you are about to take the first step to becoming thin, slim, healthy.

You will see a real difference in two weeks. Keep hold of that thought and your weight loss process will be more than successful.

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