Zeiss: Unique European Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss has a reputation for producing optics of all kinds with incredibly clear lenses. Zeiss has many optics for the outdoorsman, including rifle scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, and spotting scopes. Zeiss makes some conventional high-end rifle scopes as well as some truly unique rifle optics; this article will focus on three series of Zeiss scopes, the FL Diavari, the Diarange, and Conquest.

FL Diavari

The Zeiss FL Diavari line of scopes is like some other high-end European scopes in some ways and completely unlike them in others. First, the 4-16×50 model is like other European scopes in that it utilizes a 30 mm main tube, features premium glass, corrects parallax with a side focus knob, and is available with or without an illuminated reticle. Unique to the FL Diavari series is a Lotutec lens coating which is designed to shed water and other debris from the lens. Zeiss also makes a straight Diavari series of rifle scopes; however, the FL Diavari uses fluoride glass which is designed to give a sharper and clearer image. The most unique scope in the Zeiss FL Diavari line up is a 6-24×72 mm model, that’s right a 72 mm objective; these beauties weigh over 37 oz, are almost 15 inches long, and are built on a 34 mm main tube body. These things are huge and cost over $3000, but they just might be the ultimate optic conversation piece.


The Diarange is another unique rifle scope in Zeiss line up. The Zeiss Diarange is both a rifle scope and a rangefinder all in one unit; they are available in two options: 2.5-10×50 or 3-12×56. They are available in about fifteen different reticle options, some of which are illuminated and have holdover marks. There are many advantages to having a rangefinder scope; from not having to pack a separate range finding device, to having the range information displayed at the bottom of the crosshairs. However, there are currently two disadvantages these devices have; they weigh over 31 oz and cost between $3200 and $4000 dollars, but other than that they are pretty awesome.


The Zeiss Conquest series isn’t as unique as the models mentioned above; however, they are different from other Zeiss rifle scopes in one very important way, they are almost affordable. The Zeiss Conquest series is built on a one inch diameter main tube, and available in a number of popular hunting magnification ranges. The most basic 3-9×40 mm model can be purchase for around $400 dollars and most of the scopes in this line are priced at under $1000. There are many reticle options available in the Conquest series including the Zeiss Rapid-Z reticles which are designed for long-range shooting. Once again there are also a number of illuminated reticles available as well; however, the price increase of these models is quite noticeable when adding one of these specialty or illuminated reticles. These scopes have rated quite well with online reviewers who feel these scopes provide a lot of value for the money.

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